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Major Differences Between A Thesis And A Dissertation

If you’re required to engage in dissertation writing, you should understand the differences between a dissertation and thesis. These types of academic assignment have a lot of similarities but there are many differences between them too. If you understand them clearly, you’ll be able to create a strong paper.

Dissertation Writing Assistance: Differences Between Dissertations and Theses

  • These types of projects are completed at different times. A thesis is written at the end of a master’s program. The work on a dissertation begins during the doctoral study.
  • The academic assignments have different purposes. A thesis lets you show what you’ve learned during your graduate program. A dissertation is written to make an original contribution to the field, fill in a gap in the knowledge, confirm a theory, etc.
  • A thesis is similar to undergraduate research papers where you look at the topics researched by other people from an unusual angle and critically analyze them. A dissertation requires you to conduct the bigger part of research on your own and present entirely unique information.
  • A thesis should be at least one hundred pages in length while a dissertation can exceed this number two or even three times.

These are only the basic differences between these two types of projects. Often, universities also have their specific requirements to these writing assignments.

Ways to Find Dissertation Writers

If you don’t have the time to complete your academic project, you can hire a third party to deal with this task for you. There are different people for you to go to with this sort of a request. Here are the options you can use:

  • Seek a skilled student in your university. You’re likely to know a few students with remarkable skills in creating academic papers. You can ask one of these students to craft your paper for money. If they agree to your deal, you’ll get a decent paper without losing too much money.
  • Look for writers in your town. Your friends may know the best dissertation writers living in your city. Also, you may get the contact details of local experts if you visit academic centers and other places where they’re likely to work. If you find a decent writer in your town, dealing with them should be safe and convenient.
  • Search for freelancers on job boards. The web is full of job boards where freelancers with different specializations, including academic paper writers, leave their contact details. There, you may find not just qualified writers but even qualified writers with quite affordable prices.
  • Find writing companies on the web. Instead of hiring a freelance writer, you can construct a contract with a dissertation assistance service. From a competent online company, you can purchase custom papers of different types and on many topics. Although an agency’s basic prices might be pretty high, its bonuses for regular customers should be very good.

Determining a Professional Dissertation Service

Having decided to hire an online service to write your paper, you should make sure to deal with a competent and trustworthy company. If you accidentally hire amateurs, you aren’t likely to be happy with your custom paper. Here is how you can tell a professional service from companies that consist of amateurs:

  • Professional agencies have well-crafted websites.
  • Competent companies maintain around-the-clock client support.
  • Reliable services have qualified writers.
  • Trustworthy agencies offer strong customer assurances.

Now, you know what the differences between a dissertation and thesis are. Keep in mind, however, that although these academic assignments are different, they both require plenty of effort and deep concentration to complete them successfully. If you work on either of these tasks sloppily, the results of your work aren’t likely to impress anyone and you won’t get a high score.