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What Is a Dissertation Layout and How to Compose It Faster

A dissertation layout is a plan of your paper’s structure and contents written on a sheet of paper. A good layout will help you stay organized while you’ll write your actual paper. Following your outline during the writing process, you won’t forget any important details that should be included in your text.

How to Craft Your Dissertation Outline

  1. Select a topic.
  2. There is no need to plan the contents of your paper if you don’t have a clear research area. Choosing a narrow and interesting topic to study is your first goal.

  3. Carry out research.
  4. After you’ve chosen a topic, you should take actions to answer the main question of this topic. Read the theoretical literature, analyze previous studies, and conduct your own tests if needed.

  5. Outline the main chapters.
  6. After you’ve conducted your research, you should plan the basic structure of your paper. Usually, a paper of this level should have an abstract, introduction, literature review, description of the methodology, presentation of the found data, conclusion, and additional sections (bibliography and appendices.)

  7. Outline subchapters.
  8. Almost every chapter should consist of several subchapters. For example, in the description of the methodology, you should separately write about the reasons to choose these particular methods, participants of your study, instruments that you used, and activities that you performed.

  9. Bring your layout to your professor.
  10. Even if you think that your outline is perfect, some parts of it might need to be changed. To check the quality of your outline, you should show it to the professor who supervises your project. They’ll examine your paper layout and state whether it’s really as good as you think it is.

Who Can Help You Craft Your Dissertation Outline

  • Tutors.
  • If you know a local expert in thesis writing, you may hire them to assist you at each stage of your work, including creating an outline.

  • Academic writers.
  • You may hire an online writer to craft an outline for your project based on your topic and data that you found during your study.

So, if you want to create a good thesis layout quickly, you should fully complete previous steps, like selecting a research area and conducting a study. Don’t expect to create a perfect outline at the first attempt. Consult a professional (your professor) to make sure that your layout is appropriate before you start writing any chapters on its basis.